HR Advisor Spotlight: Janel Yessian

October 21, 2016 Zuman

Whether you are a brand new startup filing your taxes for the first time, or an established company, HR is critical for success. All businesses, regardless of size need to be aware of obstacles that slow company growth such as being non-compliant with labor laws, poor leadership training, and making bad hires. There are also specific obstacles that crop up depending on the size of your company. Whatever your size, your company needs to be ready for the challenges that will uniquely impact it.

In order for your business to mitigate risk and clear out obstacles before they damage the company’s bottom line, you need to have access to an HR advisor who can assist your every concern. This HR professional needs to understand how your specific business operates.

Zuman’s HR Advisors understand the challenges businesses of all sizes face. If you’re looking to scale effectively, our HR Advisory team mitigates risk by preforming an initial and ongoing audit to check for compliance as well as give employee lifecycle guidance. Janel Yessian is an HR Advisor who has worked with large and small corporations and knows how businesses operate at every stage of growth. 

Janel received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix and then worked as a regional director for Payless Cashways. After that she was hired as Human Resources Manager for Lowe’s, a position that gave her first-hand experience about the varied issues facing large corporations.

After Lowe’s she worked as a Human Resource Specialist for Torchmark corporation, and then as a Human Resources Partner for SuperiorHR. In this last role she worked with dozens of startups and midsized businesses to help ensure compliance and provide best practice advice.

In total, Janel has over fifteen years of experience working with large and small businesses. She earned PHR and SHRM-CP certifications, both of which require years of experience and testing.
Janel knows that in order to provide the best service, she needs to adapt her advice for individual circumstances. This unique approach clears obstacles and manages a business’s risk.

Zuman is designed for small to midsize businesses that want to grow effectively. Since Zuman uses a platform that combines technology and service, clients will have access to an entire team of HR professionals, like Janel, who know how to create business value for their clients by providing best practice advice.

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