What are Some Small Compliance Issues that Effect Business?

November 7, 2016 Andrew Larsen

Compliance is a word that conjures images of lengthy government audits, big financial penalties and long-lasting consequences. It is often with this picture in the back of our mind that we take steps to ensure compliance with laws like FLSA, ACA, and EEO-1 requirements.

While businesses are scanning over their workforce and finances, too often they forget that there are small labor laws and requirements that could penalize them. These labor laws could be as simple as posting notices around the office about certain employee rights. Depending on which state you do business in, there may be small, almost unnoticeable Department of Labor requirements that you need to meet when an audit comes your way. Here are a few things to consider.

“Time Off to Vote” Notices in California
At least ten days before a statewide election, employers in California are required to post a notice advising employees about the provisions for taking paid leave to vote. The purpose of the poster is to inform employees of their right to paid time off to vote, even if it needs to be during work hours. Display this poster in a place where employees frequently enter and exit to ensure all have a chance to view it. A list of upcoming elections as well as the PDF download for the notice can be found here

Guns Not Allowed Signage in Texas
As of January 1, 2016 Texas passed a gun law known as the Open Carry Amendment. While being able to carry weapons is legal in Texas, employers that do not want weapons on company property are required to display signage that reflects their policy. This law requires two signs need to be created: one that meets Texas Penal Code 30.06 and another for Texas Penal Code 30.07. Each of these signs have their own requirements such as; explicit language in Spanish and English, contrasting colors, block letters at least one inch in height, and the signs need to be displayed clearly for public view. If these requirements are not met employees have the legal right to bring weapons into the workplace.

Notice of Limitations Affecting the Application of Lie Detector Tests in Nevada
Nevada’s Department of Business and Industry require employers to post a notice that details laws pertaining to employee and employer rights with regards to lie detector tests. The notice given by Nevada details what constitutes a lie detector test, as well as prohibits employers from administering these tests. It mentions exceptions to the law, and other requirements for how employers need to legally proceed with polygraph examinations.

These are just a few examples of requirements that effect both small and large businesses. With states and cities passing their own laws, businesses need to tread carefully when trying to remain compliant. While penalties for not displaying the proper posters are minor, these small violations can all add up to become a nuisance that consumes company resources. 

It’s crucial that HR departments stay informed about all compliance concerns that can affect their business. Investing in a solution that gives businesses access to HR experts who remain current with all labor laws will help mitigate risk and save company resources in large and small ways.


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