What's Driving the Trend Toward HR BPaaS?

March 8, 2017 Zuman

When it comes to consumer products, a customer wants an item that's streamlined, provides ease of use and takes up little space. This can be said for everything from the latest smartphone to even a company's HR operations. The trend in businesses using HR business process as a service, or HR BPaaS for short, continues to swell. In fact, the market for BPaaS as whole is projected to grow by as much as 24 percent globally in just five years, according to Research and Markets.

What's driving this movement toward outsourcing tasks that companies used to hire departments full of people to do? The answer is as simple as the reasoning you give for buying a new smartphone. You want streamlined capabilities, usability, and you want all of this without it taking up a lot of space. This is what HR BPaaS offers companies.

Better tech, greater edge

Businesses across all different kinds of industries tap HR BPaaS providers to help them with traditional HR tasks that are not only time-consuming, but necessary to keep their companies running and compliant with laws and statutes wherever their enterprises conduct business. From payroll and benefits administration to recruitment and onboarding new employees, HR BPaaS can provide all of these services in a cloud-based format. This means not only can HR work be done quickly and cost-effectively, it can also better respond to changes in the marketplace than a traditional HR department or service that takes up storage space on your hard drive. You can simply log on from anywhere and at anytime to check the status of HR tasks. 

Using HR solutions based in the cloud also means that your company doesn't need additional IT employees to install new software systems, so not only does it relieve burdens, but it also reduces overhead.

Greater adaptability 

HR BPaaS makes a complex business world easy to navigate. Globalization of markets means more competitors and a business world that requires companies to be both agile and adaptable to the constant changes demanded of them. Some enterprises also enlist the help of big data and analytics to provide insight and help them hire the best people for the job, IBM's Big Data and Analytics Hub blog noted. 

Employing HR BPaaS and other cloud-based solutions allow companies to receive automated services so businesses can focus more of their efforts on long-term, strategic planning and thinking instead of wasting valuable time filing paperwork. HR BPaaS takes complex matters off a company's back and eliminates the manual workload that usually plagues an HR department.

One major issue in the past with outsourcing HR work were the separate firms a business needed to deal with. Many times a company had to depend on one outsourcing firm to handle recruitment and a different one for payroll and benefits administration. This isn't the case with contemporary cloud-based HR BPaaS, though. A company can partner with just one provider to take care of all the work, making the whole process simpler.


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