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October 31, 2016 Andrew Larsen

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Every business begins with an idea, a vision for how it will impact the world in new and innovative ways. This envisioned legacy continues with the company from being a startup and through every stage of growth after. GoldieBlox, founded in 2012, had the vision to revolutionize toys, books, apps, videos, animation and merchandise to empower girls to build their confidence, dreams and futures. This vision has guided GoldieBlox as their business has grown into the award-winning multimedia company it is today.

Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold
As a small business like GoldieBlox scales, it becomes imperative to invest in a HR, payroll, and benefits solution that can support a company and its employees. Without the proper solution, a small business’s vision for the future would be hampered by compliance issues, inconsistent data, and multiple other obstacles. For a small business, outsourcing is an obvious solution, but not all HR outsourcing companies are created equal. Companies need a partner who has a combination of technology and subject matter experts that can scale with their growing business.

The Solution that was Just Right
By utilizing cloud based technology that is built on a single data set, Zuman can provide small businesses with visibility and control over their HR, payroll, and benefits administration. With automated processes, an easy to use interface, and a mobile app, Zuman has the technology aspect small businesses need in an outsourced solution. This technology is supported by a team of qualified professionals that are available for advice with one phone call or email. With people supporting the technology, small businesses have a solution that provides the subject matter experts part of their needs.

A Better Way to Outsource
Be sure to read the full case study on GoldieBlox or learn more about how Zuman helps small businesses leave their mark on the world.

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