Qualities of an Effective HR Outsourcing Partner

February 6, 2017 Andrew Larsen

It would be nice if finding an outsourcing partner was as simple as a dating website. There would be an algorithm that pairs you up with the best possible choices and lets you know just how “compatible” the two of you are. Unfortunately, there is no such thing when it comes to choosing the right outsourced HR, payroll, and benefits partner. As a result, some business leaders choose to go with their gut when making the big decision of who to outsource to. But before you decide on a partner, here are some basics qualities you should check for first.

Without communication, you may find that small issues take days to resolve. During that time, employees may become agitated with their benefits and payroll and this can affect your company’s bottom line. Before choosing a partner, engage with them as much as possible. Find out what means of communication they use. Ask questions like: will you need to go through a call center to resolve issues or will you have a personal connection you can contact immediately?

Perhaps you don’t need to know everything about your partner’s processes, but they should be willing to show you details if you ask. This means your potential partner should be open and honest about credentials, financial stability, references, etc. Also, if you are ever concerned about how HR, payroll, and benefits are handled, then there should be answers to your questions, not vague responses and withheld information.

Trust is a valuable and intangible commodity in business. It is vital that business leaders partner with a company they can rely on. This means that promises such as accurate payroll, ensuring compliance, and containing costs are kept. Sindeo is an online mortgage marketplace that leverages technology and experts to get their clients the best mortgage. They felt their HR outsourcing company wasn’t proving to be the trusted partner that they needed. See how they found an outsourcing partner that was 100% compatible with their company values.

And to learn more about Sindeo, visit their website.


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