Leslie Canada: Tales of Client Success

September 8, 2016 Zuman

Stories are a part of our everyday lives and each day a new tale is written. As an avid reader, Leslie Canada enjoys the thrill of falling into a world where she can watch stories unfold. In her role as a Client Success Manager at Zuman, Leslie does more than listen to her client’s stories of success, she also becomes an integral part of their story.

Leslie’s story of how she came into the world of HR, payroll, and benefits administration started after she graduated from California State University in Hayward with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After her graduation, she immediately began working in payroll. At times she has managed over 100 accounts by providing technical and payroll support.

As a Client Success Manager for  Zuman, Leslie continues to provide effective support to her clients. One of Leslie’s many roles is to be her client’s single-point of contact. Leslie’s clients are fortunate they do not have to worry about going through a lengthy call center, repeating their concerns with each interaction. Since Leslie is dedicated to a group of specific clients, they can go straight to the one person they trust to help with their HR, payroll and benefit administration needs.

Leslie's HR outsourcing experience extends over the past ten years. During that time, she has helped hundreds of businesses succeed and is very familiar with the multitude of challenges small to medium sized businesses face. Whenever one of her clients is in need of assistance, Leslie actively tries to help. She says, “I’m the type of person that would rather pick up the phone and call when my clients need help rather than just try to resolve an issue through email. You get better and faster results this way.”

In order for companies to grow, it is vital that they outsource their HR, payroll, and benefits administration to someone they can trust. With Zuman’s single-source solution, and Leslie as your Client Success Manager, you will be ready to begin the next phase of your company's success.

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