HR Must Show The C-Suite Just How Valuable It Is

May 3, 2016 Zuman

The pace of today's business world is almost frantic. If you don't agree, then consider how many company-related emails you get each workday. On top of reading all these memos, you also have real, genuine work to do. If you're an HR professional you likely have not only a lot of paperwork to complete each day but also meetings with executives and probably face-to-face sessions with employees to address their concerns and complaints. With that said, does your CEO or chief financial officer (CFO) realize how valuable HR is to the success of your enterprise? Sometimes HR can feel like a thankless job.

Step out of the shadows

Dorie Clark, an instructor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, noted in an article penned for The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) that HR leaders need to break down the walls separating their work from the rest of their organizations. In order to get the recognition they deserve, HR professionals must step out of the shadows and show the rest of their enterprise that they can help lead the rest of the business as well.

However, all this is easier said than done. How do you continue completing the necessary paperwork for benefits, payroll and vacation when you also must focus a lot of time on finding and recruiting top talent? As an HR professional you're also tasked with keeping employees engaged so they don't become unhappy and start looking elsewhere for work. 

A 2013 Gallup report shows just how beneficial having an engaged workforce and highly-skilled staff members can be to a business. By examining data from 1.4 million across the country, Gallup found workers that are very engaged with their jobs are 21 percent more productive and 22 percent more profitable than the least engaged staff members. 

Staying competitive with HR BPaaS 

To stay afloat in today's marketplace, a business needs both productive and engaged employees, but finding them and retain them is time consuming. This is where human resources business process as a service, or HR BPaaS can alleviate the load of work for your HR team and become a true partner in your enterprise's success.

Adopting an HR BPaaS, and its cloud-based solutions empowers your HR department by allowing them to focus their attention on more strategic work such as attract highly-skilled job candidates. 

HR BPaaS isn't outsourcing your benefits administration and payroll work to a faceless third party, it's a partnership. The service provider offers cloud-based software so your team can access its information from anywhere and at anytime. Using the support functions HR BPaaS provides, you then have enough time to remove the blinders that kept you and other HR professionals from thinking long-term and joining the rest of the C-suite at the table. 

These solutions seamlessly integrate with the rest of your business, giving you more time to plan your business instead of worrying about it. 


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