Improving Efficiency Within an HR Department

April 22, 2016 Zuman

There is no such thing as an average day in the life of a human resources employee, as each trip into the office brings unique experiences and challenges. There are times when focus is spent on posting job openings, interviewing candidates or working with higher-ups in the company to determine the perfect fit for an open position. But that is just a small percentage of the work required of an HR employee. HR staff also must deal with onboarding, training and developing employees, managing payroll and benefits and overseeing employee relations, among other duties.

With so much work to do, the key for HR is efficiency. As more tasks are asked of that department, it becomes vital to complete assignments quickly and well. Look for ways to improve efficiency within an HR department by following these methods:

Honesty in the hiring process

When there is a job opening within a company, an HR employee is usually on the lookout for a candidate who checks the necessary boxes. Some companies want a person with years of experience, and others want to train and groom a less experienced candidate. Either way, there will be a lot of time reading cover letters and resumes from applicants.

To make the task less time consuming and more efficient, HR staffs must re-evaluate how they advertise and post openings. Four out of five people base their decision to apply for jobs on information given by outsides sources, not the hiring company, according to a Corporate Executive Board survey. That information can be incorrect and misleading, with no way for the hiring company to correct it. 

Companies play a part in this as well, pitching their organization to potential employees with cheery videos and fluff descriptions of work life. This feeds into the idea that an applicant knows how a business operates, even if that perception is inaccurate.

By being honest and providing more specifics about an open job, the skills needed and the company as a whole, an HR department may receive fewer applications overall but also get more qualified inquiries. Not only will this save time for HR staff, but it also leads to hiring a better fit for the company.

Open lines of communication

Setting goals and working to achieve them is useful for all departments within a company, including HR. In terms of efficiency, definite goals allow workers to stay focused on tasks at hand. For HR employees with a lot to do, goals work as a guide, prioritizing which jobs need to be completed in a timely manner.

Yet when workers across all departments of a business were asked to name their company's goals, strategy and tactics, only 40 percent were well-informed of them, according to Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. That means most people inside an office are unsure why they are doing their work.

The best way an HR manager can educate his or her staff on the goals of a company is to continuously give feedback. Let employees know what they are doing right and what they need to improve upon. Don't wait for yearly reviews or monthly staff meetings, either. Interaction with workers should come in real-time, so that good work is acknowledged and mistakes are addressed and corrected.

Constantly talking with staff members cuts down on wasted resources and angst among employees, according to Mashable. At the same time, it helps guide workers to know what they are doing, which in the long-term, enables them to reach the goals you set for them. 




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