The Overburdened People Operations Director

December 14, 2016 Andrew Larsen

Being a one-person HR department can be an overwhelming experience. Before your hire, the company’s previous HR solution probably managed most aspects of HR, payroll, and benefits administration. However, that solution is no longer meeting the company’s needs, and so your employer is looking to you to provide an innovative alternative that will grow the company.

A One-Man-Band
But being a one-man-band is impossible when it comes to people operations. To successfully manage the company’s entire HR, payroll, and benefits administration, you will need an entire team to support you. Without a team, there are:

  • Hundreds of constantly changing labor laws you’ll need to be aware of, meaning hours of your valuable time spent researching 
  • Payrolls that need to be processed in an accurate and timely manner
  • Employee concerns, which could take hours to resolve
  • Carrier bills that need to be meticulously monitored for even the smallest discrepancies
  • And so much more

For Kate Massey at Stinger Certified Asset Recovery (S.C.A.R.), this was reality. Massey was hired to handle accounting and payroll and realized that managing the company’s people operations was a task she couldn’t handle by herself. S.C.A.R. needed a solution that could provide high quality payroll and HR services, ensure benefits offerings that are generous and reasonable, and a technology plus service solution that could scale with their growing business.

An Extension of Your Team
Going at people operations alone isn’t going to bring the efficiency that will scale your company. Fortunately, there are solutions designed to support businesses through every phase of growth.

If you’re in a position where you can’t make more internal hires in HR, but you can’t keep doing it alone; what do you do? Here’s a case study on what SCAR did.


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Andrew Larsen

Andrew is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Zuman, the one solution for HR, payroll, and benefits administration that supports growing small to midsize businesses.

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