The Scalability of HR BPaaS Helps Businesses Grow Responsibly

February 18, 2016 Zuman


Keeping your enterprise on the right track requires careful planning and cultivation. Your business is bound to grow and contract over the years with the economy and job market, but as the CEO or founder of the venture, you need to advance your company strategically at all times. Growing slowly but surely is more a sign of long-term success than doing so exponentially. If you focus solely on building your business as fast as possible, you could find this unchecked growth becomes a burden, Forbes noted.

Many startups and other ventures shoot for the moon and fail. This is also why a company, whether it’s taking its first steps or entering another decade of business, needs human resource services that easily scale with it every fiscal quarter.

A la carte versus prix fixe
Scalability and convenience are two reasons why many enterprises make the switch to human resources business process as a service, or HR BPaaS.

In fact, a recent report from MarketsandMarkets predicts BPaaS market worth will grow to $4.7 billion by 2020, spurred on by outsourcing particular HR duties to HR BPaaS. What does this mean for your business? Even if you’re not in the HR sector, it’s potentially big news. As HR BPaaS grows, businesses have more options. While HR BPaaS is an offshoot of business process as a service, don’t confuse it with simply outsourcing your HR work to a third party. It’s much more than that, and it’s anything but typical.

An added bonus of HR BPaaS is that the service can tailor itself to your business needs. It’s more a la carte than prix fixe. Instead of employing a large in-house team of HR professionals to work for you or outsourcing it to another business, HR BPaaS let’s you pick and choose which services you need. Think of HR BPaaS as a well-tailored suit that fits specifically you and all your HR wants and needs. HR BPaaS uses cloud computing, meaning your company doesn’t need to install software on it's end, and integration is fast, Entrepreneur reported. Plus, the services empower your business to manage HR, payroll and benefits using only one partner instead of contracting the work out to many different enterprises. HR BPaaS can be a one-stop shop for HR needs.

Therefore, you can scale HR BPaaS with your company as you grow or contract your business.

Connecting wherever and whenever
Using cloud-based HR BPaaS also moves your business forward by giving you great control and oversight on HR, payroll and benefits no matter where you are. Since the services are through the cloud and not based on your servers, you and your employees that you authorize can access the solutions from anywhere and at anytime, Entrepreneur noted. Moving HR tasks to the cloud instead of relying on potentially clunky software you have to update on your own cuts down on wasted time. Plus, many HR BPaaS providers support mobile devices so you can easily view your data via your smartphone or tablet.

Working with a real partner
The scalability also has the added benefit of adapting to your company’s culture. Using one service instead of contracting out to many different vendors means you have a closer working relationship with one HR provider. With that said, the HR BPaaS becomes a real partner to your business and can adapt itself to your company culture. A service provider becomes much more than just a venture you outsource paperwork to, it’s an enterprise just as invested in your success as your actual employees are.

To note, Zuman is the Premium HR BPaaS Provider for Better People Operations helping align HR and finance organizations to focus on predictively scaling their company.


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