How Does HR Technology Affect Employee Engagement

July 21, 2016 Zuman

With HR departments readily embracing technology solutions after some initial hesitancy, it's changing the way these entities interact at all levels of a business. That's especially true when it comes to employee engagement: As efforts become streamlined, and departmental lines begin to blur, employees are given the tools to become an integral part of the business as whole.

But engagement is more nuanced, and there are a few specific ways in which HR technology is playing an influential role.

1. Technology facilitates user control
The access of information is essential for successful employees. As LinkedIn explained, technology opens up these portals, allowing employees to manage the various data streams on their own. This function puts some of the power within the hands of users, encouraging them to complete tasks like developing personal career paths or submitting various evaluations. By establishing individual user profiles, HR leaders can set limits for each employee, which helps maintain vital interactions.

2. Technology helps supervisors take the lead
With more technology to rely on, HR departments are free to shift their priorities and focus on other projects. According to Human Resource Executive Online, part of that process is allowing line supervisors to take a more active role. These managerial types need to engage their employees and serve as someone who can address feedback and create realistic solutions. It's not that HR isn't a part of this process, but instead, they play a support role for the supervisors, offering guidance and input.

3. Technology makes work more personal
Over the years, HR departments have always been responsible for engaging employees on a more personal level. That includes celebrating workplace anniversaries or facilitating more positive workplace practices. Now with the surge of technology solutions - including those scalable, cloud-based programs - HR departments are able to perform these functions much more efficiently. And the more employees feel as if they're part of a larger corporate structure who appreciate their efforts, the more engaged they are in day-to-day work.

4. Technology engages employees from the start
Many companies will often underestimate the true value of an effective recruitment process. If you can engage employees before they officially start their tenure, then they're much more likely to engrain themselves long-term with the company. Technology has helped to improve how recruitment takes place, including better promotion (which draws in a larger group of qualified candidates) and more insightful job descriptions. Applicant tracking solutions are also a huge help and ensure nothing is lost during the application/employment process.

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