How HR BPaaS Solutions Improve Employee Engagement

August 29, 2016 Zuman

In recent years, there has been a noticeable uptick in companies across the country shifting away from traditional HR models to solutions centered on HR BPaaS, or human resources business process as a service. Though each organization makes the transition for reasons befitting their individual culture and business goals, there are quite a few benefits to HR BPaaS.

While so many companies focus on more effective outsourcing, a greater range of service options and an efficient, paperless form of administration, HR BPaaS can also help with employee engagement. Better technology and functionality means employees are now more connected to the infrastructure and involved in their careers than ever before.

Fewer cumbersome tasks
Among its many attempts at streamlining how HR tasks are managed, the BPaaS model emphasizes the use of the cloud. Without having to rely on pulling information from physical desktops, thus opening up accesses anywhere in the world, employees don't have to worry about simply finding the forms and documents that they need. This can go a long way to reducing stress, and that's only going to make them feel more engaged in their job. 

More emphasis on happiness
It's not just that a cloud-based approach is easier for people to manage. Having every document and form at their fingertips will improve overall efficiency. The BPaaS model as a whole is designed to facilitate almost every single aspect of a business, from customer support to the finance department. And there is a significant link between productivity and happiness. According to a 2015 report from researchers at the University of Warwick, happiness can cause productivity to spike as much as 12 percent. Clearly the inverse must also be true to some extent: Employees who are more productive have all the more reason to be happy and engaged with their jobs. Efficiency is hugely important to making employees feel as if they're part of meaningful process.

Less needless spending
Operating on a cloud-based system isn't only much more efficient, but it's also cheaper. Consider the following cost breakdown for a non-paperless, traditional company (per Lucion Technologies):

•    If you print just 10,800 pages per year, that would cost $1,620 alone.
•    Storage cabinets for that much paper can cost up to $1,680.
•    Even filing and retrieving this same amount of paperwork costs $500 in staff wages.

Going paperless does away with these costs, and that's important for employees' sense of engagement. On the one hand, a percentage of that money can be used elsewhere, like for salary raises or new equipment. But even cutting costs itself can be enough to satisfy some employees. Reducing needless spending shows how committed the company is to efficiency and streamlining efforts.

Better managers on top
HRZone explained that managers play an important role in facilitating their employees' level of engagement. Those managers who are seen as skilled or knowledgeable inspire a certain level of faith, while a manager lacking these traits might cause employees to lose trust in the organization. BPaaS is a way to train managers and give them the skills necessary to work alongside their staff.
For the most part, that means emphasizing things like ongoing communication and frequent reviews, both of which can be handled with a cloud-based system. It's also a matter of finding ways to not only streamline the training process, but also making it a regular function, yet another benefit of BPaaS and other progressive, tech-centric approaches.


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