Joele Camicia: The Best Dance Partner for HR

September 6, 2016 Zuman

"It takes two to tango," is an old catchphrase that has come to mean more than just dancing. Whether it's a team that needs to cooperate or two actual dancers, the phrase always metaphorically brings up the point that a second person is needed in order to function. For Joele this phrase applies to both her career and hobbies. As someone who has danced her whole life, Joele knows it’s important to work in unison with others and the rhythm of the music in order to create show stopping success.

Learning to feel the rhythm of customer service started for Joele at seventeen. In no time at all she picked up the beat and soon realized that she wanted a more challenging routine. This became the catalyst for Joele that introduced her into payroll and management.

Upon entering her new career, Joele set a goal to excel in every way possible. She spent an entire summer studying for the CPP test. By summer’s end, Joele earned the title of Certified Payroll Professional.

As a Client Success Manager at Zuman, Joele’s primary responsibility is to serve as her clients' one point of contact. Rather than working with multiple persons, Joele’s clients have the ability to interact with her directly for any questions regarding their outsourced HR, payroll, and benefits administration. Each of her clients has come to build a trusting relationship with Joele, and some have even come to appreciate her friendly calls. Carolann Kirkpatrick at Sindeo said, “We’d like to thank Joele for all the amazing work she has put in for our business needs. Her flexibility and ability to find other options for our situations has been amazing! She has been a pleasure to work with!”

With over sixteen years of experience in her field, Joele has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest businesses and smallest startups there is. Whether it is a large corporation or a two-person company, Joele gives her best to every single client. Her philosophy is “I treat clients the way I would want to be treated. Whether you are a CEO, an office manager, or a janitor, I will give you the same respect and service.” In terms of dance, it doesn’t matter if you are a sloppy novice or professional dancer, Joele is going to be the best dance partner she can be for each of her clients.

Joele takes her service beyond the numbers and data entry she does each day. Her interactions are meant to provide the best support for anyone she is responsible for. Since Joele has serviced clients from multiple backgrounds and industries, she knows what each of them needs to succeed. Her ability to adapt her approaches gives her clients a unique advantage.

Todays workforce tends to have a cynical belief when it comes to outsourcing HR, payroll, and benefits administration. Joele responds to this by bringing a positive light into people operations. Every day she provides flawless payroll and ends her interactions with clients leaving them feeling confident that they're in good hands. As a Client Success Manager, Joele is a key contributor to her client’s success and their company culture.


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