HR Advisor Spotlight: Shannon Stakes

October 21, 2016 Zuman

In order for an HR professional to ensure their company remains compliant, quick access to accurate payroll and benefits information is essential. Having a single source solution that weaves HR, benefits and payroll together makes this quick access possible. In addition, an HR professional needs to have experience analyzing data to provide best practice advice for company growth.

To help small to midsize businesses with these tasks, Zuman has a team of HR advisors that are familiar with modern technology and analyzing data. Using Zuman’s platform, HR Advisors manage risk by doing regular audits of client data, remaining current with labor laws, providing employee lifecycle guidance, and much more for dozens of clients.

Shannon Stakes is one of Zuman’s HR Advisors that knows how to use data and Zuman’s HR, payroll, and benefits platform to provide the support clients need. She has over thirteen years of experience, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State, San Bernardino.

Shannon is SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified, which are the two highest degrees of certification an HR professional can achieve.

Some of Shannon’s previous positions were Human Resources Manager and Human Resources Director at The Arc of San Diego, where for seven years she identified trends that could impact the HR department’s objectives and resources. 

Another position was Managing HR partner for SuperiorHR. Here she conducted audits and gave guidance for workplace issues.

As a People Operations Advisor at Zuman, Shannon can access a client’s payroll and benefits information from a single data set. This allows her to do a detailed analysis of a client’s business operations using reports that are accurate. After her detailed analysis she can share best practice advice with her clients that will mitigate risk, contain costs, and support a company’s growth. 

Zuman is an outsourced HR partner that combines technology and people to provide the most effective solution for small to midsize businesses. Zuman’s clients have access to Shannon as an HR professional, as well as an entire team that comes with her to help mitigate risk and receive best practice advice for all of their concerns.


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Zuman's HR Advisors are professionals that help clients mitigate risk by ensuring compliance with labor laws.

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Zuman's HR Advisors are professionals that help clients mitigate risk by ensuring compliance with labor laws.