HR Advisor Spotlight: Teresa Stull

October 21, 2016 Zuman

In order to remain compliant with labor laws, businesses have to invest some company resources into mitigating risk. One common practice is to keep an attorney on retainer to help with legal matters and counsel. Some businesses go one step further and have legal teams investigate workplace issues. This might provide peace of mind, but can cost hundreds of dollars an hour. In each of these cases, having access to an HR professional who can cut costs, provide best practice advice, and do the leg work for attorneys is a necessary part of remaining compliant.

Company attorneys want HR professionals who know labor laws at an in-depth level. After all, if an HR advisor doesn't understand the complexities of labor laws, then the advisor will be unable to assist legal teams in effectively ensuring compliance for businesses.

Zuman has a team of HR advisors that are familiar with supporting legal teams and are perfectly positioned to help small to midsize businesses. HR advisors have the responsibility to manage risk by doing regular audits of client data, remain current with labor laws, provide employee lifecycle guidance, and much more.

Teresa Stull is an HR Advisor who has over twenty-two years of experience and a deep understanding of compliance issues and HR processes. She also has unique insight into how to support legal teams. In addition, her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin gives her a greater understanding of business operations.

Teresa’s experience with legal teams is a unique combination of professional and personal:  she has worked with legal teams in the workplace, and has several attorneys in her family. This experience helps Teresa understand and provide what attorneys need in an HR professional.

Teresa worked in a number of management positions for a variety of companies. She owned her own HR consulting firm and acted as Managing Director of OneSource Solutions, worked as Human Resource Manager for ATMI, Inc. and served as the Human Resources Director while on the Board of Directors, for Tech Spray, LP. In addition, she has her PHR certification from the HR Certification Institute.

As an HR advisor at Zuman, Teresa has provided best practice advice, mitigated risk, and helped dozens of companies scale effectively. When a client uses Zuman they have not just Teresa, but an entire HR team ready to assist them.

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