Shannon McKinley: A Perfect Fit for Payroll

August 26, 2016 Zuman

Some things in this world have a perfect fit. A prime example is Cinderella and her glass slipper. For Shannon McKinley, her match came in the form of a career. After High School, Shannon slipped her foot into a career of payroll and found that it fit perfectly.

As a self-motivated and driven person, Shannon got an early start in life understanding the ins and outs of payroll. With her personality and work ethic, she was promoted into positions which gave her the opportunity to expand her knowledge, reaching greater levels of success with each step..

With her over ten years of payroll experience, Shannon joined Zuman as a Client Success Manager. At Zuman, Shannon carries the responsibility of delivering an accurate and flawless payroll to just under one thousand employees, and providing first-class customer service to a variety of industries and individuals.

Shannon serves as her client’s single-point of contact at Zuman. This direct link with Shannon has led clients to trust her as if she were a member of their own team. Being able to build a personal connection with her clients is the highlight of her work day according to Shannon, “I love helping clients and being able to talk to them, asking ‘Hey, how’s your family,’ then ‘Okay, let’s do payroll.’” This connection gives Shannon the ability to understand her clients so that she can customize her approach to effectively support their individual needs.

Currently, Shannon provides HR, payroll, and benefit administration help to clients whose industries range from fashion retail to financial consulting. This diverse group of clients has given Shannon an understanding of how different types of organizations and companies operate, enabling her to be agile in the way she assist clients.

Clients have come to see the transformative power of Zuman’s HR outsourcing solution as administrative tasks are managed by Zuman, with the support of Client Success Managers such as Shannon.


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